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What Is SEO?

SEO is a broad term covering everything you can do to get organic traffic from search engines to your website.


Google alone handles nearly 4 billion searches every day and indexes an estimated 1.9 Billion websites, returning relevant results in under half a second.  The search engine then needs to display these results in order of relevance.

Determining relevant results isn’t done by a team of humans at Google HQ.  Search engines use algorithms to understand searcher intent, find relevant results, and then rank those results based on authority and popularity.

Search Engine Optimisation Tactics

Satisfy search engines in order to be seen when people search the web

A search engine will look at;

Content Type

Content Quality

Content Freshness

Page Popularity

Website Quality



Watford Web design and SEO

SERP (Search Engine Results Pages)


In the early days of Google, Ask Jeeves, Lycos and Netscape, results were just a list of descriptive snippets and links.

Recently, these standard results have become more useful with SERP features, enriched results that include images, videos, maps and other supplementary information.  Even sporting fixtures and results!

If you search for Watford, for example, a feature result comes up with extra information that might be of interest to the searcher.

As you can see in the image,  there is information about Watford Football Club then further down we can see some news, a map then other things people have searched for relating to Watford.

"Watford" is a broad term so the page is populated at the top relating to the football club because Google has taken an educated guess at what I'm looking for, based on it's own algorithms.

Our SEO Services

If you are looking to give your website a boost but not sure where to start, or whether a long-term investment is right for you, then our introductory package is the perfect solution. Our SEO consultant will carry out the work over a period of 30 days and after that time, you are free to either continue the work yourself or move onto one of our regular SEO Packages if you would like further assistance from us.

As this package comes under our SEO rates, there is no commitment from you to continue managing your with us, although we would obviously love the opportunity to work with you long-term to help you make your business grow.


Our initial package includes:

Keyword and online competitor research

Build a keyword map for your website

Setup your website within our rank tracking software

Setup your website in Google Search Console

Setup your website in Google Analytics

Setup your website in Google MyBusiness

Setup your website in Bing Places

On-Page SEO changes to the website, based on the keywords (changes to things like metadata, keyword density within the content, building internal links, etc)

Conversion rate optimisation advice and advice on the next steps


Further SEO

Our SEO service focuses on the highest of quality in both the work we do and the personal service we provide. Our expertise in all areas of search marketing makes us the ideal choice and our outstanding track record gives us the knowledge and experience in knowing how to develop and implement a strategy that generates the highest return on investment.

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