Past Web Design and SEO Projects Undergone From Our Somerset Office

Take a look at the most recent work that has been carried out on behalf of our customers. Most of these projects are startup business websites although some are websites that have been updated from their initial build, dating back decades in some cases. If you would like to see how Business Spider have improved these sites, use the Wayback Machine and type in the web address in their search bar.

DoneateIT is a charity organisation partnered with Business Spider to bring laptops and other IT/Tech to families who are at a disadvantage due to home schooling.  Blackmore Ricotech recycle lab equipment and the founder approached us to help pull laptops that would otherwise been scrapped in order to redistribute them as donations.  With our data destruction software we are able to ensure the laptops carry no legacy data from the donators or business' machines when they're distributed to the public and we update the machines with fresh software so they are more than capable of running the necessary remote teaching software.
The website is a simple one page bespoke static html bootstrap page for fast loading and simplicity.

B&CP Facilities Managment Ltd is an ongoing project due for completion dependant on budget.  The owner had tried his luck using a drag and drop web builder supplied by Godaddy but quickly found he required an expert web developer to achieve the results he had imagined.  Information taken from the existing site meant the initial build took only a few hours and built on a sub domain which means 100% uptime.  Due to the companies budget, the website is being developed over an extend period, Contact Us to find out how we can help you build your web presence with our customisable billing options. 


Prospect Automotive Ltd provides mobile vehicle upgrades and repairs.  Without a physical location open to the public, the website structure was built with on page SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) at the forefront.  With eye catching design and interactive styling, the visitors to this website are never more than a single click away from a conversion to a booking.  Care has been taken to style text and decoration to appeal to the target demographic's interests.  Engaged shoppers are able to look up their vehicle on the website and be shown exactly what improvements can be made with the ECU mapping service before making an enquiry.


Compare Competitions Ltd is a central directory of all UK based competition websites where users can browse and search for free and paid competitions. It updates automatically and has a pricing plan for hosts of competitions to boost their listings. There is also a Forum where registered users can discuss tactics and share information on the best competitions. This keyword rich environment is updated daily with fresh content from direct feeds and cron jobs (a time-based job scheduler in Unix server systems), requires little input from the owners. The forum has its own volunteer moderators and is completely free for use to consumers.


The Bear Hotel - Wincanton. A family public house and hotel is situated at the heart of the gateway to Somerset.  After being invited to Channel 4's 'Four In A Bed' program, the owners wanted to upgrade their [very broken] existing website which was due to not only be scrutinised by the guests appearing on the program but with the extra exposure on nation wide television, they wanted the website to generate the expected extra bookings.  We implemented an automated booking system for the hotel along with meal time reservations, meal ordering and extra integration with their social media channels, and ePOS (electronic point of sale).


AJ Davis Demolition, Salvage and Plant Hire Ltd website is a showcase for the company. It features a gallery of equipment and work being undertaken at the forefront of the page which shows off the huge capability of the company. This site was originally made in the 20th century but we were able to save the company costs by finding the content from the internet archives (which can be viewed here)so it now features cross-platform responsive design. It also features a hidden subdomain where their clients are able to access mandatory documents relating to the current qualifications held by their operators and ambassadors.


Puddleducks Childcare was written for an established childminder with her sights set on expansion into an out of home setting. The site includes bios of the owner along with her staff and is built with a friendly and welcoming theme in mind. There is a secure portal integrated within the site to allow parents to log in and view write ups of their children's activities and progress while in the care of Puddleducks. Due to the nature of the business, we implemented further security measures, disabling the right click and screen shot functions of the visitor. We have decided to release this website for duplication to all childcare agencies for their use, contact us for more information.


Belle De Nuit is an eCommerce drop shipping website which was created during the reported boom of sales reported by lingerie and adult toy companies. This website has it's product inventory updated twice daily using cron jobs and feeds from several drop shipping wholesalers. This is the perfect business model for entrepreneurs with limited budgets due to the micro startup costs involved. No stock is purchased until a sale is made and the supplier is responsible for fulfilling the order along with any returns and is a completely white label solution (the product packaging, packing & returns slips along with invoices are made out as they have been shipped by Belle De Nuit) There is little input from the owner once set up and is a great way to earn a passive income while assessing the local interest in a physical store.


Bullpits Golf Course is a website commissioned by BBC's Richard and Cathy Price who inherited the club as when they bought their Wincanton manor. The website features an automated booking and payment system which has enabled the couple to gain more free time to concentrate on the finer side of being directors of a limited company. There are interactive maps available to the user along with one-click printing of the golf course score card. The website was originally required to be an update of the old website which can be seen here built in 2010.


Bunker Bushcraft website was built for a local client who had a business startup idea to open a bushcraft and survival school. The site is a bio of the founder and his family along with an integrated Facebook feed which automatically adds content to the website based on his page's activity. There is a complex booking system and online shopping portal which boasts the flexibility of coupon codes and discounts based on the account holders activity.


Informed CBD. A drop shipping eCommerce website which was required by Wincanton Vape Ltd. Due to the nature of the business, Wincanton Vape were unable to support selling CBD online due to PayPal restrictions and therefore required to open a separate CBD store for their products. We were able to keep the cost of building a professional website down by creating a "carbon copy" of their vape shop website we created and gave a set of instructions to the owners to enable them to update the products themselves. The costs were further minimised as we were able to add the website to their existing Business Spider Hosting Plan at no extra monthly cost, although this required an extended SSL certificate.


Misfit PT is a personal trainer from Westcliff, Essex. We made the website and kept close eyes on the analytic results over a period of 8 months where it was discovered that 90% of the visitors to the website were using mobile phones. We adjusted the site to have the look and functionality of an Android or Apple device app at a fraction of the cost. There are large contact options across the front page and a touch contact bar across the bottom which is only visible to mobile visitors. With simplicity and accessibility at the helm of this design due to the nature of the business, users are easily able to locate the functions they require to either read about the trainer or get in touch.


D & T Pest Control provides pest extermination services to the West London area. With a self-employed owner, the business had built up a substantial amount of reviews across Google, Trust Pilot and Check A Trade but was missing the professional touch of a website. We were able to implement a live feed of these reviews which update automatically directly to the website. The mobile version of the website has the look and feel of an app which give one-touch contact with the owner from the visitor, giving a pre-written contact message direct to Whatsapp, email or a one click "call us" button.


Wincanton Vape is a High Street retailer.  The website is designed to allow the user to select items easily by filtering products by flavour and volume.  The website has a blog which is easily maintained through the owners Facebook page and an integrated loyalty scheme which can be managed by their customers. With sales being made online while also in the physical store, an effective inventory management system needed to be implemented to mitigate the chance of the same item being sold twice. The ePOS (electronic point of sale) used in the store is a backed GUI (graphical user interface) run directly from the website, alerting the cashier that an item is out of stock if they try enter the sale after being sold online.