Website Services

Our professional website service provides you with the tool kit you need to make a success of your startup business online or to help improve the performance and effectiveness of your website . We can take care of everything for you, including website design and development, on-going maintenance and website hosting services.

Web Design SEO & SERP

Starting at simple one page websites to accompany your personal domain right up to functional automated storefronts, our packages are individually tailored to meet your company needs for increasing productivity and generating faster revenue.

We also offer instructional media in the members area if you would rather take the DIY approach.


  • Desktop
  • Mobile
  • Tablet
  • As an app

All our websites are made with a responsive design which means they can be viewed across all platforms of all sizes.

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  • Built from scratch
  • Tailored to suit
  • One to One

As we understand every business is different and requires specific functions.

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  • Quick loading
  • Fresh
  • Cached

Search engines and users don’t like to wait.  We ensure your pages load before interest is lost.

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  • Readable
  • Structured
  • User Friendly

To mitigate bounce rate, we ensure your website points the user quickly to the information or products they want to find.

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  • Inviting
  • Interesting
  • Colourful
  • Multimedia 

Designed with your clientele in mind, we tailor our design to match your business model.

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Domains & Hosting

Dedicated Hosting IP Hosting is what makes your site visable on the Web and is necessary for any website.  It is the physical location of your content.  When you browse the internet, you are logging on to a specialist computer which “serves” the website to your device using code,  your browser then reads the code and delivers the content in a readable graphical interface.  Try right clicking on this website and choosing “View Page Source” We offer packages which start from shared/virtual server space in order to keep cost low.  For sites expecting high volumes of traffic, we also have servers that dedicate 100% of bandwidth and resources to a single site. More On Hosting Shop

Choosing a domain name is one of the most important decisions you can make when getting on the web, you must treat it with the same regard as your company name.  It should concisely describe your business industry and be close to what you think people might search for when looking for services you offer. You wouldn’t add the word “fired” to your domain if you were in the recruitment sector.

Search Engine Optimisation

Stage One

The basics of SEO start with keywords.  These are what you think best describe your business and what your potential customers will enter into the search bar.More…

Your content should be worded to include your keywords wherever possible. Use Our FREE SEO Audit to see how to improve your website.

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Stage Two

The next step is to ensure you cover all the areas you think your business should feature. Build a network of referrals to your site.More…

Getting featured on maps, directories and other websites is hugely important and can be relatively simple to facilitate.  

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Stage Three

SEO is not a one stop shop, it requires continuous improvement and attention.  Getting featured on the internet takes time and patience.More…

Just like networking,  having high quality back links to your site takes time and work.  Backlinks are like referrals from other websites that tell search engines that your business can be trusted.

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SEO right is the key to driving traffic to your site.  You can implement SEO for free yourself if you have the time or you can let us take care of it for you.  You can purchase each stage as you see fit or we can bundle everything together as part of your web design or hosting package.

SEO Pricing