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I offer a safe, non-judgemental and confidential coaching space to explore any aspect of your life affecting your ability to move towards your goals.

I will be sensitive and supportive in handling new insights throughout your journey. But I will also challenge you (respectfully of course), your assumptions and beliefs to unblock the issue.

I will encourage you create accountability and celebrate success. If you dislike goals and progress then I’m not the coach for you.

Heather Millar Coaching

If you want to get ahead in business, you will need to work hard and push yourself. Knowing your goals may seem like an easy thing to do but have you asked yourself the right questions? You may not know it yet but you are probably limiting yourself by not setting your sights high enough. Coaching can benefit you by finding clarity on issues, exploring current realities, generating options, find strategies for unhelpful behaviour, making plans and taking steps towards a desired outcome.

Anyone can benefit from coaching. No matter how good we are we can always be better. Coaching is used by people who want to grow, develop and move on. Our coach, Heather Millar can help you understand your actions, inactions and reactions, become more self aware and recognise limiting beliefs. It provides a reflective space to think in different ways to gain new insights.

With the first session free of charge, you already have a guarantee. Sessions can be done either face to face or over video call.

To get in contact or to find out more about how Heather can help you achieve your goals, visit Book A Free Coaching Session